Underdark: Lair of the Slenderduck!

A generative, on-chain 3D skin-crawler. Something ill under Kurnkornor stirs, down those crumbling old manor stairs.

Beware the fading light, and your fraying sanity!

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The old hag spat and cleared her throat,
Reciting verse in rasping rote:

"Something ill under Kurnkornor stirs,
down those crumbling old manor stairs,

Dark tar that claws and sucks the light,
A ghastly duck no-one can fight,

Yet all in life and death be fair,
There's gold and treasure buried there."


In Underdark: Lair of the Slenderduck, you explore a generative dungeon on-chain 3D dungeon "skin-crawler", in which - hubristically drawn like a moth to the flame of your inevitable demise - you have entered the Lair of the Slenderduck, beneath the old manor in Old Kurnkornor.

A generative, on-chain 3D skin-crawler, built on top of Dojo, winner of the Dojo Game Jam #2.

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With each step through the Underdark, the limited light you carry with you fades. Within you find dangerous monsters, the twisted duck spawn of the Slenderduck. The dark tar seems to sap the light, but collect it and you can burn it to make more light. There is also treasure down here, and a key to stairs deeper into the bowels of the earth. Find the stairs and escape the Slenderduck's gibbering embrace, if only for a few precious moments. Quoth the Slenderduck of your inevitable fate...

Dripping from the walls, and tangled in your hair, The dark tar saps your light and strength, 'tis everywhere. Beware the fading light, and your fraying sanity. As you tread those dark, twisted halls, oh the vanity! Find the treasure, find the key, find stairs to deeper hubris. Most of all, beware my friend, the gibbering of Slender Duckeris.

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